They move along the border of coats and dresses in the slightest wind and charge the wearer with sophisticated charm. They decorate shoes and embellish bags, and not for evening wear, but mostly for casual daywear. Down the runway by Prada.


Tendenza Piume_Prada(0)

Tendenza Piume_Prada(1)

Tendenza Piume_Prada(2)

Tendenza Piume_Prada(3)

Tendenza Piume_Prada(4)

Tendenza Piume_Prada(5)

Sonia Rikiel

Tendenza Piume_Sonia-Rikiel(2)

Tendenza Piume_Sonia-Rikiel(3)

Tendenza Piume_Sonia-Rikiel(4)

Tendenza Piume_Sonia-Rikiel(0)

Tendenza Piume_Sonia-Rikiel(1)

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