Spring has suddenly burst upon us in full glory while we were still complaining about the cold and rain… So we dived into our summer wardrobe looking for something to wear, while combing through the runways to see what’s about to come.


A chlorophyll photo-synthesis is taking place in fashion: psychedelic flowers for Balenciaga, English garden-style roses for Dolce e Gabbana, bouquet prints for Isabel Marant and Chloè…. Anything goes, even Miu Miu’s ladylike flowers, provided that it is somehow over the top: gaudy colors and huge sizes.



Actually, wearing pyjamas in the daytime and looking chic is not something any woman can get away with. This spring opt for the micro-patterned or monochrome version, jumpsuit or two-piece. Super-chic geometric patterns by Prada. Difficult but very stylish the easy elegance by Lanvin.



Sumptuous, rich fabrics, worthy of a Queen of Hearts: it’s spring brocade. Bright and colorful by Valentino, more ladylike by Luisa Beccaria.


Canvas and Beige

The keyword is nature. Linen, canvas, cotton, jute. Colors are soft and in all the nuances of pink and beige.Very soft pants by Hermes, jumpsuits with leather accessories by Les Copains.



Stripes, lines and bands in all sizes, colors, styles and directions: vertical, horizontal and slanting; two-colored and multi-colored; sailor-style or colorful hippie-style. By Chanel, Fendi, Missoni, Nina Ricci, Proenza Schouler…more of an invasion than a trend.



An off-shoot of stripes, the pinstripe is back in its ladylike version: dark-colored ground, thin stripes, fun-looking if paired with huge accessories and different stripes. By Mulberry, Lanvin, Jil Sander, for a more conceptual-style look.



It’s so beautiful it would be a shame to cover it up: this spring’s lingerie comes out into the open! It forgets its sexy side and becomes fresh, sporty, fun….a girls’ play, by Dior above all.lingerie trasparenze

The Maxi – mood

Jackets go back to the eighties: oversized and huge, padded shoulders. Maxi and multi-pocket pants and jackets. In order to have everything within reach. The focus is on sculpture-like sleeves. By everyone: from Marni to Balenciaga, from Chanel to Vetements.



Monochrome or patterned, but very colorful and, in particular, one-shouldered: this is the summer evening must-have dress according to Gucci, Isabel Marant, Chloè.



In the nineties, the brilliant Issey Miyake gave us the Pleats Please line, comfort and eccentricity in one. Now it’s a must-have: the dress by Jil Sander is nearly an origami, light and very thin pleats on the suit by Vionnet, plissè weaving by Rochas.



Evening gowns are rich and flimsy thanks to the play of ruffles and overlaying. On the runways by Alberta Ferretti, N.21, Gucci.



Whether mini o maxi, Vichy or tartan prints, Bardot-style by Au jour le Jour or a bit punk by Prada, ladylike by Miu Miu. This spring, be daring with checks, better if dark, and you’ll look conceptual and chic.


The Jeans Look

Shirts, pants, jackets and wonderful eighties-style dresses have been sent down the runways in the very dark or délavé and ripped denim version. By Stella McCartney, Sonia Rykiel, Hermes.



Parrots, teddy bears, butterflies, zebras, swans, cats and insects are all over backpacks, bags, jeans and shirts…a general trend, in particular by Dolce e Gabbana and Gucci.


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